Saturday– Road trip to Virginia Tech’s Semiformal with the Boilermaker Jazz Band!

I have room for 1 more in my car! But if there is more interest, maybe we can get a second carpool going! We’re leaving Saturday afternoon and staying the night at some friends’ houses and then coming back Sunday morning!  Email me if you’re interested!

DC Lindy Exchange: Thursday April 18th-Sunday April 21st 2013

What: Held in the DC Metro Area, this annual event is tons of fun! LIVE BANDS. HUNDREDS OF DANCERS. 4 straight days of dancing! See schedule here:  also see info about the LIVE MUSIC
Housing/Carpooling: If you need housing, many of our members are from DC/NOVA and you can probably crash with one of us the weekend! Just email Kiara  !! Carpools too!
Cost: The LOW PRICE of $72 if  you use the Special UVA Discount Code (for UVA swing club members ONLY): CLGE2013. Sign up now, since discount code can only work a limited number of times before they run out!!!  Normally its $80.  Usually a dance is 15 or even 20 dollars! So even 80 is a great deal for 5 LIVE BANDS + DJ’d dances!
You will save $$ if you register ahead of time instead of coming to each dance at the door! Unless you just decide to go to a couple of the dances– then you can pay at each separately at the door for about $20 each.
See you then!

Monday Swing Lesson 1-28, AFC, MP4

Intermediate Lesson 8:15-9:15PM
Lindy Hop Variations I: Learn about all the various cool turns that you can do in your swing out! Also, we’ll be learning the Lindy Circle!
Beginner Lesson 9:15PM-10:15**
East Coast Lesson III: Learn even more moves in East Coast before we move on to our next unit about Charleston! As always, no partner necessary! However, knowing the East Coast basic step will be helpful (see note)**
Social Dance 10:15-11:15 PM Practice what you learned and hang out with us! If your birthday was in January there will be a Birthday Jam for you! Don’t know what that is? come find out!
Hang out at Crossroads 11:15PM-??
After lessons we usually hang out for crossroads for a bit, eat snacks, and get to know each other!
**NOTE: If you have NOT attended EITHER beginner East Coast I or II (or have learned some East Coast somewhere else), this may be a little difficult for you to jump in at the third beginner lesson of the East Coast sequence depending on how quickly you learn. Next Monday, February 4th, we’re starting Charleston I, so we’ll be starting a new type of dance from scratch, so February 4th would be perfect time for brand new beginners to come out. No prior experience nor partner necessary. That being said, if tomorrow is the only time you can come out, please come out anyways and we’ll catch you up on what you missed! 

This Friday at 8:00 PM is MOVIE NIGHT!!!

Hey Swing Club,

We’re watching the Blues Brothers! We want to get to know you better! This is a great event for anyone who feels like they don’t know us very well yet and would like to! We love just hanging out and being friends 🙂 Snacks provided!
If you don’t want to walk alone, please meet us in front of the E-School (Thorton Hall) bus stop at 7:30 PM and we’ll catch the Inner Loop to the Beta Bridge Stop. Call me if you get lost. 703-554-7185.
When:  1-25-13, Friday at 8:00 PM
What? The Blues Brothers (1980), popcorn, chips and dips, ice cream, any other snack you want to bring. And feel free to bring friends! (Not to eat. To watch the movie with.)
Where? 32 University Circle, Charlottesville, VA (See the Map attached) 
If you wanna just get there by yourself instead of meeting us at 7:30 at Thorton, here are some more detailed instructions.
“The best way to get there is take the Inner Loop to the Beta Bridge stop. From the Beta Bridge bus stop, go left down the street directly across from the stop (the one by “Lambeth Commons” on the map) and then take a right and an immediate left onto U Circle. The apartment will be on the left side of the street! The apartment is on the interior side of the circle, and it’s a big brick building that looks like it’s probably shaped like an H from the top. There is no parking in front of my building, and the street parking is permit only, so the easiest thing is for people park at the Culbreth parking garage across from the Culbreth Theatre (also on the map).”
– We want to get to know you all! 
-The Blues Brothers is a hilarious action-comedy-music movie
– Jazz musician and band leader Cab Calloway is in it
– Ray Charles is in it
– The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church recommends it (no, seriously:

1-25-13 Friday “Blues Brothers” MOVIE NIGHT

Wanna hang out with that sexy dancer you met at lessons but didn’t get a chance to ask to dance? Can’t wait until Monday to see everyone else again?Come to our first social of the semester! Watch a movie, eat snacks, hang out with awesome people.
Who? You!
When? Friday January 25th, 8:00 PM

What? The Blues Brothers (1980), popcorn, chips and dips, ice cream, any other snack you want to bring. And feel free to bring friends! (Not to eat. To watch the movie with.)
Where? TBA

Thursday Blues Lessons AFC, MP 4

Blues dance is another type of dance that we teach at Swing Club. The Blues dance music and community is closely related to swing and we often have Blues After Parties after our DANCES. See below for our upcoming dances of this year!
9:30-10:30PM  Beginner Blues Lesson: No partner Nor prior dance experience necessary! It’s okay if you missed the first week of blues lessons, since we’ll be doing review!
10:30-11:30PM Social dance! Same as my above justification 🙂 It’s AWESOME.

Volunteers Needed!

Tuesday VOLUNTEER @ ACTIVITIES FAIR 11:00 AM -2:00 PM, Newcomb Ballroom
We desperately need some volunteers to help us at the activities fair. Please help us spread the Lindy Love and volunteer! We just need people to hand out fliers and talk about how awesome swing dance is.  Please email Sheila if you can help out any time between 10:40 and 2:00!

Happy MLK Day!

Hey Swing Cats!
Read on below for info about lessons, Tuesday’s activities fair, a Friday Movie-Night, our Valentine’s Feb 16th Dance, our March 2nd Semiformal Swing Dance, a Road trip to Virginia Tech’s Semiformal , and much much more!
Monday Swing Lesson  AFC Multipurpose Room 4 (Upstairs)
Intermediate Lesson 8:15-9:15  Lindy Hop Review: We’ll be doing a thorough review of Lindy Hop and working out how to make your swing out even smoother and better!!  You should have gotten the basics of Lindy Hop during the beginner lessons, but even if you did not, we’ll be going through Lindy Hop from the very basics. This is a great class for anyone who may have taken the beginner lessons in Charleston and East Coast but who did not attend lessons for Lindy Hop. This may also be a good class for students who may have previous dance experience in other dances and who learn quickly.
Beginner Lesson 9:15-10:15 East Coast II:  Even if you couldn’t join us for East Coast I, don’t worry! We’ll be doing a lot of review of the basics of east coast, so Please come out! As always, NO partner and NO prior experience needed! We’ll be going over east coast, and more of the different moves you can do in East Coast.
Social Dance 10:15-11:15 This is the time when you can just go up to anyone and ask them to dance, ask a teacher about a question you had, and meet new friends! This is the most fun time of swing club and if you take lessons but never practice, you’ll never get better! Plus, I’m not even sure why you would take lessons and then never actually dance ;P Just my two cents on the matter. SO STAY FOR SOCIAL!
The first two lessons that YOU attend are FREE. It doesn’t matter which two you attend– they can be at the beginning, middle  or end of the semester –they are FREE!! So bring whoever you want to swing next week! We’ll be doing a lot of review in beginner, so it’s not too late to join us!! (Afterwards , we charge $15 per semester, or $25 per year. This gets you into our weekly swing and blues lessons.)