Happy MLK Day!

Hey Swing Cats!
Read on below for info about lessons, Tuesday’s activities fair, a Friday Movie-Night, our Valentine’s Feb 16th Dance, our March 2nd Semiformal Swing Dance, a Road trip to Virginia Tech’s Semiformal , and much much more!
Monday Swing Lesson  AFC Multipurpose Room 4 (Upstairs)
Intermediate Lesson 8:15-9:15  Lindy Hop Review: We’ll be doing a thorough review of Lindy Hop and working out how to make your swing out even smoother and better!!  You should have gotten the basics of Lindy Hop during the beginner lessons, but even if you did not, we’ll be going through Lindy Hop from the very basics. This is a great class for anyone who may have taken the beginner lessons in Charleston and East Coast but who did not attend lessons for Lindy Hop. This may also be a good class for students who may have previous dance experience in other dances and who learn quickly.
Beginner Lesson 9:15-10:15 East Coast II:  Even if you couldn’t join us for East Coast I, don’t worry! We’ll be doing a lot of review of the basics of east coast, so Please come out! As always, NO partner and NO prior experience needed! We’ll be going over east coast, and more of the different moves you can do in East Coast.
Social Dance 10:15-11:15 This is the time when you can just go up to anyone and ask them to dance, ask a teacher about a question you had, and meet new friends! This is the most fun time of swing club and if you take lessons but never practice, you’ll never get better! Plus, I’m not even sure why you would take lessons and then never actually dance ;P Just my two cents on the matter. SO STAY FOR SOCIAL!
The first two lessons that YOU attend are FREE. It doesn’t matter which two you attend– they can be at the beginning, middle  or end of the semester –they are FREE!! So bring whoever you want to swing next week! We’ll be doing a lot of review in beginner, so it’s not too late to join us!! (Afterwards , we charge $15 per semester, or $25 per year. This gets you into our weekly swing and blues lessons.)

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