3/4 Announcements !

The Monday 3/18 when we get back from Spring Break we’re going to hold elections! If you want to run, please send me a small blurb about why you think you would do a good job by Sunday March 10th. I’ll send the blurb out to the club over spring break and we’ll vote Monday 3/18/13! You may also send a photo if you wish. Scroll to bottom to see descriptions of each position and contact info for all current officers (ask them questions!).ALL positions are open to anyone!! 
Any paid member is encouraged to run! You don’t need to be an instructor or an “experienced” dancer to run! All you need is to be passionate about swing club! Your duties are to attend a bi-weekly meeting (less than an hour long)! We on Swing Council help organize dances, social events, and our weekly lessons! Please email me if you have questions!