4/15 Announcements

Hey Swing Cats!

We’re almost at the end of the semester, so come de-stress and dance!

Scroll down for information on DCLX (registration closes Wednesday!) and our SPRING SEMIFORMAL!

This week’s lessons are SUPER EXCITING!

Monday Swing Lesson AFC Room 4

Intermediate 8:15-9:15 Footwork variations! Come learn some super fun variations to add to your swingouts! Seriously guys. These are the best.

Beginner 9:15-10:15 Dips and tricks! Come learn some exciting and flashy moves to add to your dancing!

Social Dance 10:15-11:30 Social Dance – Practice what you’ve learned!

DC Lindy Exchange: Thursday April 18th-Sunday April 21st 2013 (REGISTRATION CLOSES THIS WEDNESDAY!)

What: Held in the DC Metro Area, this annual event is tons of fun! LIVE BANDS. HUNDREDS OF DANCERS. 4 straight days of dancing! See schedule here: http://dclx.net/logistics/schedule2013/
also see info about the LIVE MUSIC  http://dclx.net/bands2013/

Housing/Carpooling: If you need housing, many of our members are from DC/NOVA and you can crash with one of us Nova Kids! And Carpool with us too!

Cost: The LOW PRICE of $72 if  you use the Special UVA Discount Code (for UVA swing club members ONLY): CLGE2013. Sign up now, since discount code can only work a limited number of times before they run out!!!  Normally its $80.  Usually a Live music dance is 15 or even 20 dollars! So  80 is a great deal for SEVEN LIVE BANDS + DJ’d dances!

You will save $$ if you register ahead of time instead of coming to each dance at the door! Unless you just decide to go to a couple of the dances– then you can pay at each separately at the door for about $20 each.

Newcomb Ballroom

7:00PM-8:00 PM  Beginner Lesson, Free with Admission
8:00 PM-11:00 PM Dance to the Boilermaker Jazz Band!
11:30PM -Beyond Late Night
If you’re interested in volunteering, and getting FREE ADMISSION, please email Kiara! yk4dq@virginia.edu

Start telling your friends!!! NOW 🙂

Here’s the link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/558041897554135/?fref=ts

This is a super fun swing weekend that is held RIGHT HERE in Charlottesville!!
Registration starts tonight! Early bird registration is only $80!
The best Lindy Hop workshops in Charlottesville! http://www.lindustrialrevolution.com/
Check out what’s in store for you:
Michael Gamble & Jaya Dorf
Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess
The Solomon Douglas Sextet
Sac Au Lait
Four levels of workshops
Jack & Jill Competition
Steampunk Costume Contest
Labor Day BBQ on Sunday
3 Late Night Dances!
& much, much more!

As always, check out our website for a lesson schedule and more! https://swingwithuva.wordpress.com/lesson-schedule-3/

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvaswingclub/

YouTube: It has lesson reviews from previous years and soon will have this years! It’s a great resource!