[Swing Club ] Swing Club’s Farewell Picnic

HEY Swing Club!!

That will be my last "Hey Swing Club" greeting for the semester. No more dancing for me for a whole three months … LoL, sike I’ll be dancing so much over the summer that it’ll hurt. If you want to dance too, I put some places you could go depending on where you live! Check the end of the email!!!


Guess who?!

​Maybe better recognized through this photo

​Here’s an photo of her in action

(Carly’s) Farewell Picnic
Carly is leaving *sob*cry*sob* but, maybe if we throw her a big enough fiesta, she will come visit us sometimes next year!!

When: Tomorrow Sunday May 3rd, 1:00 ~ 3:00
(we might end sooner or later depending on how we feel)
Where: The Lawn
What: Picnic, food, laughing, goodbyes

We will be buying pizza (mellow maybe?) but we are gonna need more food. And drinks. Feel free to make your own food or spend those few remaining plus dollar you have!!!

Places to dance over the Summer

Charlottesville: Swing Cville
Richmond: RVA Swing
Northern VA (dance with me!!): Glen Echo or Chevy Chase Ballroom
Virginia Beach:Swing Virginia
Boston: Boston Swing Central

I didn’t list your home town; well just search <Hometown> Swing Dance and there you go! Email me if you need some help looking

Well I’m done for this semester. Now to study for finals…..

Swing Out,