[Swing Club ] Performance Group Practice Tonight

Hello People,

If you are planning to do the performance group, today is our first practice. If you are interested and haven’t already contacted Luke (lmb2ma) then you should or just come tonight. If you are a follow, then you should definitely come!
AFC MP4 (upstairs in the back near the track)
6:30 – 8:00 PM

Also check us out this Saturday at UPC’s Spring Swing feat. Luke and Emily! Did I hear a live band coming in?!



[Swing Club ] No Meeting Today

Hey Swing Club,
Due to the fact that buses aren’t running properly, it’s still snowy, and Luke’s car (with the speakers) is snowed in, we aren’t having a meeting today. We will kick off our first lesson next Monday February 1st in MP1.

Until then, check us out this Saturday at UPC’s Spring Swing feat. Luke and Emily!

Swing Out,


[Swing Club ] New Year, Still Dancing

Hey Guys and Gals,

Hope your happy to be coming back to UVA. Swing Club has a bunch of things planned for you guys for the next coming weeks! Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of everything:

Swing Back into the Semester Dance
This Friday January 22nd
7:00 PM Beginner Lesson, 8:00 PM Dance
This is the first of many dances Swing Club has got lined up for you this Semester. Use all the dance moves you learned last semester and have some fun!

Swing C’ville Dance + Following Workshop + Solo Jazz Workshop Weekend extravaganza

This Saturday and Sunday January 23rd and 24th
Swing C’ville has a bunch of stuff lined up this weekend. A following workshop to improve your following skills in ways you didn’t know how, a solo jazz workshop to help you groove on your own, and a dance to round everything off. Facebook events galore.
Solo Jazz

Following Workshop

Swing C’ville Dance

Swing Club Interest Meeting
Monday January 25th
9:00 PM, AFC MP1
Had fun Swing dancing last semester and know someone else who might? Bring them to our interest meeting next Monday! We will be teaching a mini-lesson to give everyone a taste of dancing!

Swing Club Performance Group Practices
Thursdays Starting January 28th
We’ve got the AFC booked for Thursday nights. Again, if you are interested in participating in Swing Club performances, contact Luke. Once we start practicing, it’ll be too late.

Swing Club + UPC presents MORE DANCING
Saturday January 30th
Swing Club will be partnering with UPC to bring you another opportunity to dance! Luke and Emily will be teaching lessons so come watch their fabulousness. Check out UPC’s website for updates.

Hope to see you at some of these events!


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Swing out,