[Swing Club ] Re: ELECTIONS!!!!!!!

the previous email was sent before it was finishedWebmaster
Monique – My name is Monique Mezher. I’m a first year and I’m interested in being Webmaster for UVA’s Swing Club. I’ve been a part of student government and advertising for the past three years, and have been in charge of keeping my high school up to date with all different kinds of events, such as homecoming, field days and research symposiums. I’m an active user of social media and check all different platforms daily.
If elected webmaster, I’d make sure that everyone who wants to be included on our listserv and be updated about our events would get added the first time around; a student’s time is valuable and doesn’t need to be wasted struggling to find out when Swing dance’s next formal is. In addition, I’d make sure swing’s website was up to date and contained useful information, easily accessible to even the least tech-savvy people.
Furthermore, if elected, I’d expand swing club’s audience to include those who use other platforms of social media. I think swing should have it’s own Instagram page, which would not only allow others to connect to the club, but would spark interest in learning the fantastic dances available with some awesome pictures of swing.

Ashif – Having underclassmen in leadership positions seems like a good idea because they have the possibility of bringing fresh new ideas. Also, I began learning html so I can prepare to help maintain a website, and this position can be a cool project for me to test my skills. Anyways, I like Swing Dance and I’m pretty committed to it, so I want to help the club out.

Other people are running for other positions, but they are unopposed so their bios are not included.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 11:39 PM, luke botti <lmb2ma> wrote:

Hey all, here is the link for voting for the elections. http://goo.gl/forms/JCYH85QjPs

Below are the candidates and some info about them

Khalid – I’ve always used dancing to express myself and I enjoy sharing this passion with others. Moreover, I have the experience of marketing events, working with other CIOS, delegating tasks and sending emails. I think I’ve done a very good job giving other council members increased responsibilities this past year, and I would like to continue to lead the club and make it a welcoming environment for UVa Students.

Kelly – I’m currently a third year and have been in the Swing Club ever since my first semester first year. I try to stay very involved in the club and have a lot of enthusiasm to share when it comes to swing dance! I have experience with meetings, delegating, and administrative tasks from various high school clubs and internships. I am currently abroad, but I continue to dance here and will be back soon!

Luke – I am the current vice president of the swing club. I have been with the club since my second semester first year. As the vice president I have handled most of the teaching for the past two years both for our beginner and intermediate classes. I also started our performance group with three couples last semester, and I have grown it to six this semester. If I am re-elected I hope to continue what I have been doing to help our club grow.

Kelly – I’m currently a third year and have been in the Swing Club ever since my first semester first year. When at UVa, (I am currently abroad, but will be back soon with some new moves to share) I am one of the teachers for the Intermediate course as well as the Beginner course. I dedicate a lot of time to the club and would love to help in a more formal way, especially when it comes to the performance track and teaching!



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