[Swing Club ] Swing Club Interest Meeting Tomorrow

Hey Swing Club,
Welcome to my weekly emails! They will all look pretty similar but I update the contents every week.

Anyways, what’s happening this week in Swing?

Interest Meeting
Our interest meeting will be tomorrow Monday August 29th in the AFC Multi-Purpose Room 1 (downstairs) at 9:00 PM. You don’t need any experience, any partner, or any special clothes. Be ready to dance, we will be doing a mini-lesson to get you a taste of Swing Dance!

Weekly Lesson Details
Our normal lessons will start next Monday September 5th and the schedule will be as follows:
AFC MP1 (Downstairs)
Intermediate: 8:15-9:15
Beginner: 9:15-10:15
Social Dance: 10:15-11:15

Swing Cville
Our Swing friends in Charlottesville hold lessons every Wednesday. A group of us drive out and take lessons. If your interested in learning more after our interest meeting, come ask me about it or check out their website at http://swingcville.org

Swing Out,



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