[Swing Club ] Welcome Back!

Hey Swing Club,

Happy Back from Thanksgiving Break! 😃

Monday Weekly Lessons
All lessons will be in the AFC MP1 (Downstairs)

Intermediate – 8:15-9:15 – Something Something Swing Dance Part 2
Now that I’m done teaching, it’s back to Luke. But what does Luke have in store for us?

Beginner – 9:15-10:15 – Dips and Tricks
What do you do when the music stops playing and the song ends? Stand there? Or do a cool dip!

Social Dance – 10:15-??:??
I didn’t move from my bed this thanksgiving break. I’m ready to move again.

Remember, your first two lessons are free. If this is your 3rd+ lesson, bring $15 (or $25 for the whole year) and give the money to our treasurer Abhisheik.

Swing Cville
Our Swing friends in Charlottesville hold lessons every Wednesday. A group of us drive out and take lessons. If your interested in learning more, come ask me about it or check out their website at http://swingcville.org

We have a carpool list, the sign up should be self explanatory.

Swing Out,



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