[Swing Club ] 1 Hour Joint Lesson at 8:15

Hey Swing Club,

Before we all die of exhaustion, lets all go to one more swing lesson!

Monday Weekly Lessons
All lessons will be in the AFC MP1 (Downstairs)

Beginner and Intermediate – 8:15-10:15 – Swing Clinic
We teach all semester and you dance and get feedback from each other. But now you can get feedback from the instructors.

We are doing a joint swing clinic at 8:15, and it’ll only be a 1 hour lesson so you guys can get back to studying.

Social Dance – 9:15-??:??
Last chance to dance. Also, if you want to dance at home over the break and don’t know where to go, we can probably help you out and tell you where to go!

Remember, your first two lessons are free. If this is your 3rd+ lesson, bring $15 (or $25 for the whole year) and give the money to our treasurer Abhisheik.

Swing Cville
Our Swing friends in Charlottesville hold lessons every Wednesday. A group of us drive out and take lessons. If your interested in learning more, come ask me about it or check out their website at http://swingcville.org

Swing Out,