[Swing Club ] Elections and Semi-Formal

Hi Swing Club,

Hope you had a nice swing break! I’m still at home tbh, not tryna come back to reality yet.

But anyways, what’s happening in swing this week?

Regular Monday Lessons
Monday March 13th (today) – Aquatic and Fitness Center, Multi Purpose Room 1 (downstairs)
Intermediate: 8:15 – 9:15 – Tandem Charleston II – Because we didn’t get to everything we wanted to teach 2 weeks ago

Beginner: 9:15 – 10:15 – Lindy 3 – Yeah, the third lesson in the series. What else did you expect.

Social Dance: 10:15 – 11:00 – Did anyone catch my pun in the intro. Well I didn’t actually do any swing dancing, but I’ll make up for it tonight.

Remember, your first two lessons are free. But if you wanna join the club and haven’t already paid, bring $15 and give the money to our treasurer Abhisheik!

Council Elections

It’s time for me to relinquish my duty as President. We’ll be holding elections next week for all our positions. If you want to run for any position or want any information on the positions first, email me real quick and I’ll get back to you this week. Or talk to me today. Positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Chair, PR Chair, and Webmaster

Swing Semi-Formal

My last job as president is to put on our yearly semi-formal. Next Saturday we are once again bringing in 504 Supreme. Dress up well too, it’s not a semi-formal for no reason.

Saturday March 25th – Newcomb Ballroom
8 PM – 11 PM
$10 for everyone

Swing Cville
Our Swing friends in Charlottesville hold lessons every Wednesday. A group of us drive out and take lessons. If your interested in learning more, come ask me about it or check out their website at http://swingcville.org.

Swing Out,



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