[Swing Club ] Jammin on the James registration tonight!

Hey folks,

Jammin’ on the James registration opens at 9pm tonight (in less than an hour!!). You can register here starting at that time. Don’t forget that the earlier you register the cheaper it is! Also we all just crash at my family’s house that weekend so no need to worry about housing.

I’ll copy all the information from my last email below in case you missed it.

Let me know if you have any questions!


[Swing Club ] Sign up for Jammin on the James!

Hello Swing Club!
I hope you all are having a lovely summer!

I wanted to let you know that registration opens next Wednesday (July 12th) for a weekend-long dance workshop in Richmond in the Fall called Jammin on the James that a lot of us go to. During the day we take classes, and at night, there are social dances with live music. Weekends like this are a ton of fun, and also a great way to learn new things from different (and really really amazing) instructors.

🏡 This year Jammin on the James is October 20-22, and you can register on their website starting July 12th. For regular updates about the event, follow the Facebook event. If you’d like to go, just register on your own and then if you would like a place to stay, let me know. You’re welcome to crash at my family’s house in Richmond (they’re nice and make good breakfasts), which is where the Swing Club crew usually stays for events in Richmond. Even if you don’t need/want housing, let me know when you register so we’re sure to include you in carpool and other planning closer to the event!

💰 The prices are not up on the site yet but I think the first tier of pricing is usually around $60-70ish. With the tier system, the earlier you get your ticket, the cheaper it is. At certain dates or after a certain number of tickets are sold, the price goes up, so snatch your tickets soon! UVA generally reimburses us about 60% so don’t worry if the stated price is not something you’re up for– we tend to get a significant chunk of the money back after the event.

💃There are multiple levels for the classes so don’t worry if you don’t have much dance experience– the beginner level tracks are designed for people who have some exposure to Lindy Hop but not much. It’s a very beginner-friendly event and I would recommend it to everyone, including our new folks who will join in the Fall.

Check out their website if you have any questions about policy or logistics. They have a bunch of specific email addresses where you can direct questions about the event. As always, get in touch with me at esp3uc if you have any other questions and to let me know that you’ve registered so we can keep you in the planning loop.

Swing out (and happy 4th!),

✨ PS: Check out this video for good vibes and a look at Jammin. The solo jazz dance that some people are doing is called the Big Apple, which is one of those classic routines like the Shim Sham, and everyone else is social dancing. The band leader/singer (who isn’t singing for this song) is also one of the teachers who usually teaches at Jammin, and she’s awesome. Enjoy!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWsG8dhLfJk