[Swing Club ] Welcome Back! Swing Club Interest Meeting on Monday

Hey Swing Club!

I hope you all had a lovely break and first week back! I’ll be emailing again over the weekend once we have new people on the listserv but I just wanted to let you know about some cool opportunities coming up before (and after!) our interest meeting.

Upcoming Swing Club Events
This Friday: Activities Fair
January 26th, 11am-2pm, Newcomb Ballroom
We’re already all set for volunteers to man the table, but I just wanted to let you know this is coming up in case you or your friends would like to come and ask some questions about Swing Club!

This Monday: Interest Meeting and First Beginner Lesson
January 29th, Interest meeting: 8:15-8:45, Beginner Lesson: 8:45-9:45, Social Dancing: starts 9:45, Memorial Gym Multipurpose Room 2 (downstairs)
Please come to the interest meeting and first lesson if you’re able! It’s always great to have returning members at that first lesson so the new beginners get start getting to know you all.

Next Monday: First Intermediate Lesson and Second Beginner Lesson
February 5th, Intermediate: 8:15-9:15, Beginner: 9:15-10:15, Social Dance: 10:15-10:45, Memorial Gym Multipurpose Room 2
Come back for beginner week 2 and intermediate week 1!

Next Friday: First Dance!
February 2nd, TBD, 1515 Studio Room
Mark your calendars and keep your ears open for more details!

Upcoming SwingCville Events
This Saturday: Solo Jazz Workshop and Savoy

January 27th, The Dance Spot, $10 for the dance only, $25 for workshop (dance included). Find times via the FB events and swingcville.org
Kyle Kelley is coming to Charlottesville to teach a brand new solo jazz routine! If you’ve never done solo jazz, I highly recommend it not only because 1. it is super fun but 2. it also helps you with your partner dancing! Yay body awareness! Plus, the dance afterwards is included.

Also This Saturday: Dance to Zuzu’s Hot 5 at Hardywood Brewery
January 27th, Hardywood Pilot Brewery and Taproom, 7-10pm, free (I think)
One of our favorite local swing bands is playing at Hardywood, and there’s no age restriction! It also looks like there’s a new cover charge, so come enjoy!

This Wednesday: Lindy Tempo Extremes Workshop
January 31st, 7pm, The Front Porch, $5
You know when a song gets too fast or too slow for your comfort? Learn how to dance to those fringe songs so you don’t have to stop dancing! Sign up to give rides or get rides here!

Cash Us Outside (aka online)
Listserv: lists.virginia.edu/sympa/info/swing-club
Website: swingclubatuva.wixsite.com/swing
Facebook: www.facebook.com/swingclubatuva/
Instagram: swingatuva


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